TorcUP stands for „torque it up“ or „bolt it with high torque“ and guarantees innovation and quality. TorcUP’s hydraulic wrenches are independent, unique, innovative and durable tools based on our users demands.

Through simple but practible details, TX and TU secured themselves a spot where repairments and installations need to be quick and cheap. Due to our patented technology and committed employees we are not only one of the fastest growing supplier of bolting tools for thread sizes above M20, we are the best.
We don’t need to say we are number one…because our customers do. TorcUP’s unique hydraulic torque wrenches deliver torque up to 100.000 Nm / 74.000 ft. lbs. for large bolting jobs in on-shore and off-shore maintenance, power plant and chemical industry services, construction and mining industry, for tower crane and wind mill assembly and maintenance of huge earth moving vehicles. We provide every customer the technology, dedication and service that he requires to be the best in business.

Our customers say they love our tools: lower cost, weight, smaller dimensions and operation much simpler then what our competitors have to offer. The wrenches of the TX and TU series present the most advanced wrenches manufactured up until now. Both have a completely single-standing design, accurate repeatability, less moving parts ensuring long tool lifecycles, wide range of accessories while also offering their operator hands-free service.

TorcUP Germany

TorcUP Schraubtechnik Deutschland GmbH
Benediktinerstr. 3
D-39104 Magdeburg
Telefon: +49 (0) 3 91 – 53 19 78 -0
Telefax: +49 (0) 3 91 – 53 19 78 -99
24 h -Servicetelefon: +49 (0) 1 72 – 8 09 82 16

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TorcUP International

Our international network of more then 35 countries also provides services for construction in foreign countries. Feel free to contact us so we can link you to our colleagues.

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