TorcUP ETM electric wrenches up to 3.100 ft. lbs. / 4.200Nm

ETM – Extreme Torque Machines

TorcUP’s ETM is a special development for the european market, meeting the demands of steel construction, windmill service and general assembly pocesses. We combined the outstanding and fast pneumatic RAPTOR series wrench with a torque / angle controlled electric wrench to create TorcUP’s ETM.

This purely electric powered tool features a digital, lightened display which can be used to easily set your torque or desired angle in 20Nm and single degree increments. Easy to operate left and right switch, short length and small diameter, light in weight and accurate up to +/- 3% in the preset torque, the ETM satisfies all your bolting needs.
There are  four available models with torque ranging from 100-700Nm, 300-1.400Nm, 500-2.400Nm and 700-4.200Nm, powered by standard 230V and 50Hz european power supply.

Workable solutions and real innovation

  • precise torque and angle-controlled bolting possible
  • no conversion tables needed, direct input
  • logical menu navigation, ready to bolt within 10 seconds
  • displays reached torque
  • data transmission for data transfer about bolting process
  • accuracy better then 3,5 % / 5°
  • optional joint documentation up to 90 measurements
  • interface with construction site printers for protocol
  • counter for operating hours and number of boltings
  • electric protection against overloading and overheating with error memory and report

technical data

model ETM700 ETM1400 ETM2400 ETM4200
max. torque [Nm] 700 1.400 2.400 4.200
effective length [mm] 270 395 433 461
gear box diameter [mm] 82 82 82 93
square bolt [inch] 3/4 1 1 1 1/2
speed, loaded [rpm] 18 12 10 5
weight [kg] 4 5,6 6,5 9,2
power supply 220-230V 50Hz 220-230V 50Hz 220-230V 50Hz 220-230V 50Hz

Effective length does not include the height of the square drive because it sits in the socket. Weight refers to the tool being ready for operation.

Our broad range of accessories for the ETM series

  • 5 dfferent standard reaction arms
  • suspensions for balancing – vertical and horizontal, grips for the housing
  • supporting tubes up to 1.000mm in length
  • special elongated drives for narrow spaces
  • lateral drives