VOLTA – Battery powered torque wrenches up to 4.000Nm. Brand-new. Powerful. Unmatched.

VOLTA – battery powered torque wrench

It’s the future of wireless bolting! We are proud to present TorcUPs new VOLTA series to you, which will take its place next to our hydraulic, pneumatic and electric powered wrenches. Ask us about our VT and ensure yourself a good introductory price.

Purchasing one of our battery powered VOLTA’s guarantees you patented, reasonably prized and easy to handle hardware which will surpass any impact wrench in accuracy and handling while emitting way less noise. Models up to 650Nm, 1.350Nm, 2.700Nm or 4.050Nm maximum torque provide use in every case of operation.

Our VOLTA wrenches convince with:

  • precisely adjustable torque with increments starting at 15Nm or 10 ft. lbs., selectable via digital display (known from our ETM series)
  • no more mechanical torque wrenches needed for re-tightening / controlling, a single 5 kg tool combining quick run-down and accurate torque control
  • simple and efficient operation, just dial desired torque via LCD display
  • prevents incorrect entry with real value input in Nm or ft. lbs.
  • no torque conversion tables needed
  • electronic shut-off provides precision (+/- 3%) and repeatability with acoustic signal
  • currently 4 models ranging from 160Nm to 4.050Nm
  • automated load release unlocks reaction arm when bolt is tightened
  • brushless, maintenance-free, minimal heating, battery driven motor, interchangeable LiHD battery pack system in CAS partnership / Metabo 3-year warranty

Our „Metabo“ high performance 18V batteries are worlds first and only 8Ah batteries. Metabo’s Ultra-M-Technology equipped batteries last longer, work faster and are supplied with 3 years of warranty!

  • Ultra-M-Technology and patented AIR COOLED charging technonolgy provide long lifecycles with no memory effect
  • replacable with other Metabo batteries you might allready own, compatible with chargers in accordance
  • maxmimum flexibility due to 100% peformance even in extreme conditions (-15°C up to +50°C),
  • LiHd technonolgy provides extrem long duration of use
  • long storage times only lead to minimal discharging
model VT500 VT1000 VT2000 VT3000
square drive 3/4″ 1″ 1″ 1″
min. torque (Nm) 165 335 700 1.025
max. torque (Nm) 660 1.355 2.700 4.045
height [(mm) 265 265 265 265
length (mm) 225 275 291 355
gear box diameter(mm) 65 72 79 95
weight (kg)* 3.8 5.2 5.9 8.9
speed (rpm) 20 8 5 2

*without battery and reaction arm