hydraulic torque wrench pumps

Speeding up any bolting job with ease

We supply fully equipped, fast, lightweight electric- and pneumatic powered packs with 3-stage high-flow oil delivery, automatic valves for „one-finger-tip“ operation and Quadra-torc systems for controlled tightening or loosening of multiple bolts with 4 wrenches at the same time. Accurate, safe, time-saving, economic and ergonomic, the very small, lightweight electric power packs of our SPEED-series are powerful and sturdy while remaining compactly built. The delivery rate of the hydraulic pump can be controlled in 3-stages for high flow and fast bolting. The package contains all necessary equipment, such as oil coolers, cable remote controls, rollover cages, precision gauges, 100% biodegradable hydraulic oil and automatic valves.

Air-driven or with electrical motors of 110V, 220 / 230V or 380V, our Speed-hydraulic power packs are designed to operate any hydraulic torque wrench in existance, single- and double-acting. Compare the weight to flow ratio and check out its automated feature. Just push one button, start automatic cycling and beat the speed of any competitor’s pump with ease.

Quadra-Torc system

With TorcUP’s Quadra-Torc system an even load is distributed across any bolting flange, casing or multi fastener application in the fastest bolting mode available. TorcUP Quadra-Torc System will eliminate the need for timely and costly tensioners. The primary focus of the Quadra-Torc system is to eliminate the common „criss-cross“ bolt tightening pattern that causes constant crushing or overtightening of gaskets. With the Quadra-Torc System multiple TorcUP wrenches can be used, evenly arranged around a flange. Once the TorcUP wrenches are in place a single operator can apply an even load with the push of a button. The Quadra-Torc system will evenly close the gap and equally apply torque with an Accuracy of +/- 3%!

To prevent uneven load on flanges or gaskets use TorcUPs unique Quadra-Torc system available for all of our pumps.