TorcUP TU Series hydraulic square drive wrenches up to 73.000 ft. lbs. / 100.000Nm

TU hydraulic square drive wrench

The TorcUP TU Series is the tool of choice for every bolting application in any industry. Whether in a steel mill, on an offshore drill platform or when diving to the ocean’s bottom, the hydraulic TorcUP TU wrench will outperform every other method of tightening bolts. Call for an on-site demonstration of TorcUP torque tools today, so we can prove to you why „TorcUP fits where others can not“. The TU is the best torque wrench for any application where high performance, low weight, low maintenance costs and reliability of 100 % is demanded.

Hydraulikschrauber TU-3 und TU-5
Hydraulik-Vierkantschrauber TU-3 und TU-5. Große Leistung bei kompakten Abmaßen.
Hydraulikschrauber Serie SSQ
Die Weiterentwicklung unserer Hydraulik-Vierkantschrauber - der neue SQ!
Hydraulikschrauber TU-11 an Metso Lindemann Schrottschere
Inbus-Schrauben am Hydraulikzylinder einer Schrottschere. Hier passt nur der TU-11!

TU features

  • patented mono-body housing with internal splines for attaching reaction arms
    (bolting without reaction arm possible)
  • push-through square drive to switch from loosen to tighten
  • balanced tool for torsion free operation
  • multi-axis swivels (the most robust in industry)
  • hands-free operation with anti-backlash system
  • torque: pressure chart engraved on the housing, never gets lost!
  • high performance parts for a long tool life cycle, still easy to maintain and understand
  • worldwide 24 hrs service network, spare parts available around the clock
  • 3-year total cover warranty on Ultra-TU-series

We don’t copy, we invent!

A feature you will be missing in any other hydraulic torque wrench- the very small reaction arm structure. Instead of making bulky reactionarms around the housing, which increase weight and make most square drive wrenches too big for some bolting applications where millimeters count, we have designed an internal splining in our TU housings. That is why they are lighter and smaller then our competitor’s. You can even work without the reaction arm and use the housing instead- there is no splining on the outside which could affect or damage the reaction surface!

Accessories – standards for any application

Only TorcUPs TU wrenches offer a wide variety of reaction arms from the shelf, adapters and other features you won’t find elsewhere. We do not only keep TU wrenches in stock but extended reaction tubes, hex sockets, reaction arm extension boots and much more for the benefit of TorcUP customers.


technical data

model TU-2 TU-3 TU-5 TU-7 TU-11 TU-20 TU-27 TU-60
max. torque [Nm] 1.800 4.700 8.100 10.800 15.600 28.000 37.000 80.500
length 1 [mm] 123 158 202 215 235 288 320 395
length 2 [mm] 153 195 273 268 295 310 331 490
max. height diagonal [mm] 86 118 138 134 176 205 228 290
housing diameter [mm] 50 68 86 93 102 105 113 168
head diameter [mm] 24 33 38 43 49 56 61 73
square bolt [inch] 3/4 1 1 1/2 1 1/2 1 1/2 2 1/2 2 1/2 2 1/2
weight [kg] 1,6 4 6,6 8,6 12,8 23,8 28 57
operating pressure max. [bar] 700 720 700 700 700 700 700 700